What are the 7 Types of Best digital marketing services

Today’s Era refers to the Digital Era, and by taking advantage of technology, this technology created ease for customers and online store setters.

Does the digital system bring any benefit to the performance of your online store? Does it assist you in upgrading your sales? If not, It means you still need to change your marketing strategies and switch towards the digital marketing service agencies that will help you reach the peak of your business.

Yes, best digital marketing services can help you increase traffic at your online store and convert visitors to customers. You can choose different platforms like Shopify Digital for such marketing services. Shopify Digital assists its users with marketing campaigns for customers’ brand requirements.

In this best digital marketing services blog, we will provide you with a solution to all your marketing problems and answer all your queries related to the best digital marketing services. So let’s begin.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the secret sauce that skyrockets your visibility, attracts floods of targeted customers, and supercharges your profits. Understand your local competition and the right strategies to succeed in the online market. This article will show you how to attract potential clients with your expertise, win their trust, and forge long-lasting partnerships.

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Best Digital Marketing Services

What are best digital marketing services?

best digital marketing services refer to various tactics and strategies using different platforms(like ShopifyDigital) and social media channels(like Facebook, Twitter,instagram, and youtube) to promote and increase the sales rate of your products and services online. 

best digital marketing services provided by our platform, Shopify Digital, play a key role in increasing brand awareness by engaging and attracting audiences, driving traffic to your online store, and ultimately leading towards sales conversions and brand loyalties.

Top 7 best digital marketing services

There are various marketing strategies which you can choose according to your business requirements. Some of the top marketing services provided by Shopify Digital are given below;

1.Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Services

2.Pay-per-Click Advertising Services

  1. Email Marketing Services
  2. Social Media Marketing Services
  3. Content Marketing Services
  4. Affiliate Marketing Services
  5. Mobile Marketing Services

Let’s discuss these best digital marketing services, what they are, why they are important in our business strategies and how they can bring desired benefits to your online Shopify store.

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1. SEO Services

SEO is a Digital marketing service agency that optimizes your store’s and website’s content to drive organic traffic on search engine results like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. It involves improving the quantity of organic search traffic driving back to your store and the quality of that traffic.

There are various services that Shopify digital marketers use to drive organic traffic to your websites;


  • Keyword research, align those keywords in your website content.
  • Write content on the topics that are mostly searched by the audience and that attract more audiences.
  • Site Design, domain authority and linking also play key roles in SEO.
  • Increase the readability of your content by the search engines for content indexing.
  • On-page SEO(increase organic traffic to your website by targeted keywords and phrases)
  • Off-page SEO(increase organic traffic at your website by backlinking)


SEO is very important because it drives more audience to your website. According to Hubspot,61% of markets claim that improving SEO and organic reach is their foremost priority in best digital marketing services. Research shows that almost 81% of customers research before buying any product or service, and most of the search is conducted from a mobile phone. So optimizing your website for mobile is also an integral part of marketing services. If you want to reach the peak of your online business, SEO should be one of your digital marketing strategies.

2. Pay-per-Click Advertising Services

Pay-per-click is a paid advertising campaign in which you pay as long as your ad exists on a particular website, app and social media channels. It is short-term digital marketing in which you pay based on results. You must pay for that landing if the visitor lands on your website while searching. However, it is known as pay-per-click.

It involves all the categories of ads you see while opening an app, browsing search engines and watching a video on youtube, Facebook or other social media channels.

For advertising campaigns, our marketers provide end-to end best digital marketing services by using the following tactics.

  • SEM; known as search engine marketing, is where Google ads Management pop up on the top search engines. This marketing takes place on search engines and depends on the keywords you want to appear on search engines. How much cost you pay for ads depends on the capacity of competition on that particular keyword. High-competition keywords usually charge high for advertising.
  • Remarketing; Remarketing is a term used for paid marketing on Facebook, in which Facebook retargets the visitor that left your page after visiting by showing them ads. It will sort the visitors according to their age, culture, geographic region and interests.

The advertising campaign also depends on money charged to advertisers by different platforms like;

  • Cost per mille: You will be charged each time 100 visitors view your ad.
  • Cost per view: You will be charged after each view.
  • Cost per action: When a visitor converts into a customer or takes specific action for purchase.

That is how advertising in digital marketing agency services increases the visibility of your products and services to the customers. Although costly and difficult to manage, Shopify digital marketers can provide that service at your store and website.

Best Digital Marketing

3. Email Marketing Services

Email marketing sends promotional messages to the contacts and customers in your reach through email. This digital marketing service is different from other services in that you stay in touch with your customers by telling them about discounts, coupons, sales and other information about your brand through emails.

 While providing email marketing services, marketers usually focus on the following areas;

  • Creating an impression of urgency, like adding a countdown in your email copy, attracts more audiences towards your offering.
  • Personalize your email message with the name of the recipients.
  • You can also ask customers about their expectations by sending them a quick survey to know their preferences.
  • Improving the number of recipients who opened the email.
  • Increasing the percentage of recipients who opened the link inside the email message.

Email marketing has been considered one of the most effective types of marketing strategy in the past. It is the best way to establish a good connection with the audience. While maintaining continuous communication influences the recipients towards purchasing.

4. Social Media Marketing Services

Social media marketing service is one of the digital marketing campaigns in which we promote your products and services on different social media platforms like Facebook, instagram, linkedin, Twitter, youtube etc.

 This marketing is categorized into two types:

  • Paid Social media marketing: It is just like advertising in which you pay different social media platforms to drive traffic to your organic post.
  • Free Social media marketing, Also known as organic social media marketing, in which we promote your brand’s products and services by creating a community of followers on different social media platforms. The goal behind this is to increase brand loyalties and sales conversions. 

You can do this by:

  • We can upgrade your brand’s authority by telling people why your brand is the best in the market.
  • Replying to customer queries about your products and services and showcasing your brand.
  • The content that helps to showcase your brand. 

 That’s how our Digital marketing agency promotes your brand, products, and services through social media marketing.

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5. Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing services include creating, managing, and distributing content that attracts, engages and influences the audience to initiate interest in your brand’s offering and provide value to the customers at your site.

You Know Content is the king in all digital marketing campaigns, from advertising to search engine optimization. Content involves written content like blogs, including videos, ads, newsletters, ebooks, podcasts, etc. the type of content you create depends on the following factors:

  • Purpose of content creation like persuade, inform and entertain.
  • Demographics of the audience you want to target with your content.
  • The content you create also depends on the type of business or platform.
  • What are your goals for creating content like brand awareness, generating leads or driving traffic?
  • Current trends also affect marketers switching from one type to another of content creation.

The success of content marketing services is the strategies that marketers apply to their content. It involves both target audience and campaign goals that ultimately result in a return on investment.

6. Affiliate Marketing Services

Affiliate marketing is the most widely used digital marketing in which an individual or small firm does promotional work for other business groups to earn profit and benefits in return for the traffic they bring to their page. Social media influencers and celebrities perform this type of marketing that plays a key role in filling gaps between organizations and customers. It is also termed Influencers Marketing. 

In this marketing service, influencers collaborate with organizations to engage and influence their followers through their content, video, and posts and help generate brand leads. Organizations and brands collaborate with influencers to promote their products and services.

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7. Mobile Marketing Services

A digital marketing service in which marketers target the audience on cell phones and tablets. Marketers reach people through text messages, emails, social media apps, mobile apps and websites. Marketers can haunt customers by sending promotional messages about discounts, sales, and new collection launches.

We have seen tremendous growth in e-commerce during the last few years. Statista surveyed in 2021, according to which almost 70 % of retail website visits were from mobile phones, And E-commerce sales had increased by more than 4 trillion in 2020. That’s why mobile marketing is the most beneficial tactic to target audiences.

How to Monitor Digital Marketing Success?

Monitoring digital marketing success is very important as it helps to determine the effectiveness of your social media campaigns and take measured decisions to implement strategies for future campaigns. Below are some tips; by following them, you can monitor the effectiveness of your best digital marketing services:

  • Setting goals and objectives before starting any best digital marketing services will lead you towards the growth of your business.
  • Use Key Performance Indicators(KPIs).
  • Use analytics tools.
  • Consistently monitor and review the data.
  • Conduct A/B testing to check and compare the performance of different social media platforms.
  • Get Customer feedback and conduct Surveys.
  • Calculate the Return On Investment(ROI) for digital marketing campaigns.

By using and effectively following these tips, you can calculate the performance of our best digital marketing services. It will also let you know the strengths and weaknesses of your services at specific platforms and monitor where the campaign will effectively work.


This blog post-mort clears all your queries about digital marketing and how it works in the digital arena. If you are thinking about organizing online, you can implement all these marketing strategies and get the services of Shopify Digital Marketers to get the best advantage of Digital marketing campaigns. Which best digital marketing services best suit your brand depends on your needs, requirements and business type. You can use various services to target a broad range of audiences, increase sales conversions, and create better leads and brand loyalty.