Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising Services in 2023

Are you looking for a way to boost your online Shopify Store immediately? Do you want quick results from digital marketing services at your brand? What would be better than Facebook Ads?

Facebook is a social media platform powered by Meta, with almost 2.9 Billion active users per month. It means that almost 30 % of the world’s population is actively using this platform. Facebook is a powerful platform to communicate your message to the audience interested in your products and services.

So If you want to run Facebook Ads, You can stick to this guide on How to Advertise on Facebook. We will cover all the information, like basics and how to Advertise on Facebook, that shows how our Shopify Digital marketers provide these services.

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Facebook Advertising Services

What Are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are online advertising of products, services and brands that businesses and individuals use to promote and develop their businesses.

Facebook ads are posts that may be in the form of images, short videos and descriptive stories.

Ads appear on Facebook apps in user’s feeds, stories, messengers and marketing communities that differ from normal posts as they carry Sponsored tags showing that it’s an ads.

One of the most important strengths of Facebook advertising is that it targets the audience most likely to be interested in its products and services. It showcases ads to the people according to 

  • Demographics of audiences,
  • Location of people.
  • Interests.
  • Connection.
  • Behavior.
  • Culture.
  • Age Categories.

This targeting precision enables businesses to reach out to the people for higher conversion rates and improved Engagement.

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What are the types of Facebook Ads Services?

Before we leap to the section on how to advertise on Facebook, let me tell you some types of Facebook advertising services done by the Shopify digital platform. These services will let you know different categories of ads from which you may choose for your brand recognition.

  • Facebook Image Ad Services:

In this advertising service, visual content is shown as a single image created in just a few clicks as a boosting post that shows illustrations, designs and photography for showcasing products, services and brands. It is suitable for any stage of the sales funnel and all advertising campaigns except video, but you have only one image to convey your message.

  • Facebook Video Ad Services:

In this type of service, we create videos that have a period of 15 sec to 240 minutes. This service is like an image ad, allowing only one video to convey your message to the audience. You can use this if you are going to showcase a product demo or tutorial and to showcase moving objects. They are expensive and time-consuming as compared to image ads.

  • Carousel Ad Services:

This advertising service consists of videos and images suitable to showcase different categories of products, guide through a process, and show different demo steps in more than one short video. Each video and image in Carousel has its link, description, and heading.

  • Instant Experience Ad Services:

It is a type of advertising service in which we let the user get a full-screen experience when they tap on ads. After tapping the ad, the user can zoom in on the ad and shift the screen in different directions. It will lead the user towards better Engagement by getting a better experience with your products and services.

  • Collection Ad Services:

It is just like Carousel Ad but provides a more interactive interface of your product Ad to the users. It allows users to get a window Shopping experience and immediately purchase any product from the collection page.

  • Lead Ad Services:

This advertising service gets users’ information by asking them to sign in for a free trial of your product and services. This ad is active for mobile devices only as it lets the users get more information about your brand by generating leads.

  • Slideshow Ad services:

Slideshow ad in the form of 3 to 10 images and a video in the form of slide show. It is more suitable as it requires less data, practice and time than video ads.

Besides this advertising, you can also tell stories and get your message across to the Facebook user through messenger ads. You can use any of the types mentioned above of Facebook ads management services depending on the requirements and needs of your brand, products, and services.

facebook Advertising

How To Advertise On Facebook?

If you are planning to Facebook advertising for the very first time, you need to know the following information;

  • You must have your Facebook account or business manager account.
  • You can create two business manager accounts.
  • After a business account, you must create a new ads account to perform all the advertising activities on Facebook.
  • Must have Meta Pixel that acts as a bridge between your Facebook ads and website.
  • If you are using Shopify digital, adding meta pixels in your Shopify store’s preface section is easy.

It is the setup that provides a base for advertising on Facebook. Now you can follow the steps below on How to advertise on Facebook. This guide will let you know about advertising through Facebook Ads Manager.

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Step 1. Choose a Campaign Objective

Once you have login to your Facebook ads manager account, navigate to the Campaign tab and tap Create a new campaign to get started and choose a campaign objective. Facebook offer multiple campaign objectives. The objective you choose depends on your goals for a particular ad type. Your objective decision also shapes the cost of your advertising campaign. Facebook allows you to choose from 11 objective campaigns.

As an example for this guide, We will choose Engagement as the campaign objective. Engagement is further categorized, and we choose page Likes for our current purpose. After choosing this, click on Continue.

The next steps of the guide on How to Advertise on Facebook depend on the first step. If you are choosing different objectives, your steps can vary.

Step 2. Name your Campaign

Select a specific name for your advertising campaign after proceeding further on Create a new campaign page. Below the Campaign name, there are different ad taps and sets. You can also turn on the A/B split test on this page, and after your advertising campaign gets started, you can modify the version of your campaign.

Step 3. Choose your Budget and Schedule

Next, proceed to the Advantage Budget campaign and select a new ad set name and ad settings page. Set the budget that you want to spend on your campaign. You can choose from Daily and Lifetime budgets.

If you want to set a schedule, you can choose a start date and end date. If you are going to run your Facebook ads at the scheduled time, it means you are paying only for the time when your target audience is most likely on Facebook.

Step 4. Choose Your Target Audience

Facebook categorizes your audience based on age, gender, location, interests, behaviors, and language. While selecting, keep an eye on the Audience size indicator that lets you know about potential and reach. It also indicates whether you are choosing a specific or broad audience.

Step 5. Select Your Facebook Ad Placement

For Ads placement, scroll down, and you will get two options: Advantage+placements and manuals. If you are going to run a campaign for the first time, it’s better to choose Advantage+placement options. In this way, Facebook automatically places your ads on different social media platforms and devices.

Once you get experience, you may switch to the Manuals option. This option will give you more control over ad placement on different social media platforms and devices. The options you select are based on your campaign objectives.

Step 6. Create your Ad

After following all the steps mentioned above, you now reach the most important step that complements all the above steps. You need to create your new Ad set.

For setting up an Ad, you may choose from publishing existing posts or creating a new one for the ad. For creating an Ad, select Ad format, text, heading, description and media components for an advertising campaign. The format you choose depends on your Facebook campaign objectives.

Once you have made all the changes, review the tool at the right of the page to know everything looks good. If everything looks perfect and according to your taste, click on the Publish button. After that, you must wait until Facebook approves your Ad.

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How Costly Is It to Run Facebook Ads Services?

The cost of Facebook Ads services depends on the objectives of your advertising campaign. One should choose from five main objectives while deciding on the costs of the advertising campaign.

  • Conversion.
  • Lead generation.
  • Reach.
  • Impressions.
  • Link Clicks.

An average pay-per-click for an impression advertising objective costs $1.85 per click, while the cost for conversion objectives is $0.87 per click.

Facebook does not offer minimum spending requirements. It depends on your store’s and brand’s requirement of how much cost they require to spend on advertising for their uplifting.

What are some Tips for Effective Facebook Advertising Management Services?

Here are some tips you can follow while deciding on how to advertise on Facebook and manage this throughout your advertising campaign. You can get Shopify Digital advertising management services to measure campaign results effectively.

  • Before starting, set clear goals that you want to achieve from your advertising campaigns.
  • Must use meta pixel code and third-party apps to track your ad’s audience.
  • Your ad format must be creative and engaging, grabbing the audience’s attention.
  • Implement retargeting for the audience who only visited your site and does not convert.
  • Make your landing page hustle free and optimized for immediate conversions.
  • Set Ad performance tracking tools and monitor your ad campaigns.
  • Implement A/B testing to compare the performance of different ads.
  • Be honest and show what you offer in your brand’s tone.
  • Showcase your ads on different social media platforms and devices.


That’s all you need to know about How to Advertise on Facebook. Get the most out of your Facebook advertising campaign with Shopify Digital services. You can run an advertising campaign on your Shopify store by yourself if you are experienced. If you are a starter in e-commerce, you still get the services of Shopify digital and get the most benefit from your advertising budget.


Yes, Facebook has billions of active users and is the best platform to communicate your message. Facebook provides advertisers with the best targeting options to reach out to the billions of users of Facebook. The effectiveness of Facebook Ads depends on the effort you put into your advertising campaign, industry, target audience, ad creativity and optimizing efforts. All these things make Facebook advertising effective in 2023 and afterwards.

Although Facebook provides business services to people, it is not completely free. You must set a specific budget for advertising on Facebook depending on your advertising goals and campaign objectives. Objectives may include conversions, placements, impressions and generating leads. After choosing an objective, Facebook charges you based on Pay-per-click, Pay-per-thousand-impressions, pay-per-conversion etc. As a result of this cost, ads are shown only to the audience who are most likely interested in your products and services.

Yes, Facebook advertising has helped various businesses to grow because of its cost-effectiveness and targeting efficiency. It helps to reach potential customers through retargeting and monitoring the audience. While using advertising, you may achieve high rates of conversions, generate leads, create brand impressions and influence a broader audience towards brand loyalty within a low loss of advertising. So Facebook advertising is worth it if it must be organized strategically and effectively.