One product Shopify store

Are you considering building an online ecommerce business on Shopify but need clarification on the multiple options available there? Or do you already have a store on Shopify but are planning to change the niche of your Online Store? Well, you don’t need to get confused and bothered much about it. One product Shopify store is the best solution to all of your worries.

One product Shopify store is the most suitable option to start a business from scratch because the market has been expanding with hundreds of options of products available to customers. In this scenario, customers get puzzled and easily get switched from one brand to another.

So to hold the customers back, many brands are rethinking their multi-product business strategy and switching towards one product store strategy.

In this article, we will do a detailed analysis of one product, Shopify, how to build it, and top one product, Shopify store. You can get your one product in Shopify Store now.

One product Shopify store

What is one product Shopify Store?

As the name suggests, the One Product Shopify store is an online ecommerce store in which customers only have the option of one product. It is a store that focuses on selling only one product at one Store. It makes the store owner focus on their one-product market strategy while making less hustle than multi-product stores.

You can add spices to your one product marketing brand by offering different categories of the same product divided based on cour, size, design etc. It will let your online Store get a more streamlined audience and increase brand awareness and loyalty. If you start, The business strategy will let your business grow faster.

Merits of One Product Shopify Store

One product Shopify store is easier to establish. It can give you multiple benefits depending on your needs, energies, efforts and economy you put into it to make it the most famous and quality brand of Shopify. Some of the most prominent merits that one store share with you immediately are below;

Less complicated to start

One product business is extremely easy to establish as compared to multi-product brands. In this scenario, you focus on the production of one type of product only, so it requires less time, money and energy on your part. You may not get puzzled and distracted by multiple things when you only focus on one thing. Your focus is maintained on a particular product making your business less complicated.

Create a Strong Brand Identity

As mentioned earlier, you have enough time to spend on brand awareness. While doing brand awareness, tell the audience why they need to buy your products. Which problem of the audience are you going to address? Tell them the specialty of your product and the quality your brand will add to the audience’s life. Make them aware of how your brand stands out compared to brands of the same niche.

Broaden your audience

With one product online store, there are greater chances for your brand to get recognized and build a more targeted audience. You can broaden the size of your audience above the targeted audience by targeting their needs, keeping pricing affordable and offering discounts and gift packs. It is the most used brand strategy to get more audience and sales conversions.

Streamlined marketing

Marketing also becomes easy with one product online store. You can easily focus on marketing campaigns with only one message sent across all the social media channels. It also puts the marketing budget within control. You can also run Facebook ads and reach social media influencers to market your brand effectively.

Low overhead cost

One of the most important benefits of this business strategy is cost-effectiveness. Opting for one product business benefits you in low overhead cost minimizing your expenses compared to a multi-product business. In this way, you have sufficient money to reinvest in your business.

So one product business strategy is the best option, especially for those who enter the ecommerce business for the first time. It will help you to manage your business more easily and excel while focusing on one quality product.

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how to make a one product shopify store

Building an online Shopify store is not very critical. What makes it critical is the smooth growth and development in the marketplace with high competition. The most important thing that may prove the turning point of your business is the product you come up with in the market.so starting from the product, let’s dive into the tutorial on how to build one product store.

1. Come up with a product idea

It’s a step to build one Shopify store. Before you know how to build one online product store, you must know what kind of product you want to start your business with. Here are some tips for which you can go;

Come up with a unique product idea

If you have any product idea, ask yourself, is it what that audience demands? Is it addressing the audience’s needs or solving their most anticipated problem? Your idea should be something that fills the gap in the marketplace.

Do research on a product

If you need an idea, head research is the best option. You can do library, internet and market research. You can also go to check Google trends related to our specific keywords. This research will better help you with the most profitable product idea.

Select a Particular niche

You can opt for a particular niche for your products. Choosing your niche is directly related to choosing your customers. However, they have a limited target audience but a higher profit margin.

Select Digital products

They are delivered in digital form, have low production costs, and are easily saleable. Digital products are one of the best options to go with. It includes website building, software applications, online tutoring etc.

Available products

These include common products of daily usage. They have a high target audience and also high market competition. It includes routine-based grocery products, clothing, shoes, food etc.

2. Choose a single product Shopify themes 

Your theme is the first impression you put on your audience. It is the introduction of how creative and unique your brand is as compared to your competitors. The color and display of your brand page should make the audience stay for a long time on your Shopify Store and engage them towards conversions.

There are multiple options of themes provided by Shopify building, and you can also go up with paid ones, depending on the quality of creativity you want with your brand. Some options are;


This single product, the newest online Shopify theme, is made for facilitating medical and pharmacy. It provides the best option for dropshipping and 100 plus layout modules.



It’s a theme that can be used for multi-purpose. It means you can use it for a long time. It loads fast and provides support for video display of your single product.



It is designed for single products like drones. It provides multiple features for the homepage and pre-made inner page design with a drag-and-drop view of the product.


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Step 3: Brand Your One Product Shopify Store

Now you are just halfway around building your online one-product Store. As you have chosen a theme, ponder over your product type. Now it’s time to get yourself recognized. Yes, you get me. Your brand is the identity of your business.

Your brand should introduce you to your audience in a way that looks aesthetic and different from others, appealing and unique. Branding includes logo design, your story to tell like your copy, images and color theme.

While you will tell the audience who you are through your brand name, script, logo and color coordination, make it so that it leaves a lasting image in customers’ minds.

  • Build appealing homepage

A homepage is a place where you want most of the customers and visitors to pop up, so make it attractive and such that it persuades visitors. Add a clear call to action, high-quality images and color combination themes. If it’s appealing, it will help increase the conversion rate and lower your cost per acquisition.

  • Build product page

Let me say this Pandora’s box is for a product; after all, you are doing all this because you want more people to come to your product page and buy your products. So the product is the main source.

To ensure your product page adds value to your online business. To make the product page appealing;

  • you can add calls to action.
  • High-magnified product images and videos.
  • Spices like color, sizes, and designs are available.
  • Values that you are going to offer along with products.
  • Attractive product descriptions.
  • Reviews of previous purchasers.

Reviews and feedback are the driving forces to converge the target audience into conversions.so make sure to get feedback and them up below every product.


Step 3. Review the look of your Store

Review whether you have followed each step mentioned above accurately. The product, theme, color of the product page and homepage should show some coordination with the logo. Check out the description and the tone of your Store throughout.

 Loading speed should be good for both cell phones and pc. If everything looks good and appealing, think from the customer’s point of view.

 How you want to build up your Store is completely yours. It also depends on how much quality and aesthetic sense you want to put in your Store, but these are some easy steps you can follow while building your online product Shopify store.

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Top 5 Examples of One Product Shopify Stores

There are various brands at Shopify that started from one product, and now the world recognizes them just by their name. You can also establish that kind of product value and business growth just by setting up your online Store and making the desired effort. Here are some examples of brands from which you can get inspiration for your brand.

1. Palmpress 

This brand offers one cup coffee press, and a coffee maker is their main product. While visiting their product page, you get a perfect color combination at their product page that contrasts with the background theme. They have properly displayed the features of the product in description form. They have also added a call to action and customer reviews at the end of the product.

It is a perfect online store that offers products in such a way that it looks catchy, makes more conversions and uniquely hits the taste of coffee lovers.

2. Truff 

It is a hot sauce brand that offers its users hungry delicious sausages. This brand uniquely represents its product through content, appealing, tasty and mouth-watering images that initiate cravings in a foody customer. That is why this brand is doing its best in growth.

While scrolling down, there is a chef who is trying their oil. They have added influencer reviews and show their brand’s value through magazines. They also offered testimonials; in short, they have used all the actions necessary to grow up in a business.


This platform offers sketchbooks with various colors and sizes that are manageable for your pockets, cycles and bags. The overall theme gives a view of sketchbooks with eye-catching sketches. While considering the strategy of art and craft-loving people, they have also added how to learn drawing step by step.

The eye-capturing theme and quality of the images make the visitor know more about the brand. There is also a call to action; summing up, it’s the best example of targeting niche markets.

4. Madsen Bicycles 

A brand that offers bicycles and also electric bikes. The theme is perfect with the images. The image provides an aesthetic value to the theme. It immediately attracts the happily living family with kids. Only a short description is added because the image explains everything and adds a natural look. A call to action is also added on the product page. So this is perfectly attracting one for the support lover families and kids.

5. Pipcorn 

This Store offers different flavored snacks made with heirloom seeds. It is a perfectly designed theme that appeals to kids. Animation is added in both background and product as well.

It offers multiple options of snacks and also explains why heirloom seeds make the snacks the best choice for kids and elders. While presenting mouth-watering images, it engages more and more visitors to scroll down and learn further about their offerings.

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Factors to Ensure the Success of One Product Shopify Store

Everyone starts a business with a successful image in their mind, But not all businesses get the desired progress because of multiple factors. If you want to excel in the market of online one-product business, the following factors will help you to grow faster and reach the desired apex in online business.

Appealing visual aids

How your website reacts when a customer visit is a key to sales conversions. Ensure your website loading speed is high because it takes two to three seconds for the customer to leave your site if it is troubling in uploading. Other things that you keep in mind are;

  • Image display with high resolution.
  • It should illustrate the features of your product.
  • The color should contrast with the website theme.
  • Make sure to add spices that attract visitors.


Adding Testimonials

Adding reviews and customer feedback is the second major factor in the sales conversion rate. Before purchasing any product, proof is the second most thing people usually seek. In this section, you need to consider adding the following things;

  • At least five to ten customers reviews
  • Make sure to cover your product page with reviews.
  • Add the date and name of the customer along with the review.
  • It should leave a positive impression on the customers.

Clear Ambiguities

When buying a product, multiple questions arise in customers’ minds. It does not mean they are questioning the quality of your product; it may be something like whether it should address their need or problem or not. And further, they will spend their money on your brand, so their questions and uncertainties must be addressed. You can take the following steps in this regard;

  • Offer discounts to remove hindrances to buying.
  • Add live chats and make the customers get their answers immediately.
  • Add frequently asked questions so that other people also come to know the details.

Add Call To Actions

Call to action is another important factor for sales conversions. You reach your customer for final convincing to buy your products through this button. So this button should be prominent, clear and should not mingle with the other theme of your page.

  • It should appear throughout your page.
  • Add a touch sensor CTA so that it immediately pops up after getting your page touched by a customer.
  • Conduct A/B testing to get audience responses about your call to action.
  • It should make the audience take action.

Write an engaging product description.

How you are going to present your product is important as well. While after reaching and looking at the image of your product, the customer reads the description to know what kinds of benefits it offers. After reading the description, the visitor decides whether it is useful for them or not. So the product description is something that also drives conversions.

  • Show them how it addresses the needs of the audience.
  • It should provide a solution to a specific problem.
  • How it will positively affect the lifestyle of customers.

These are only a few factors that contribute to the audience’s actions for purchase. If you are going to start your online Store, these factors might help you and guide you throughout the process.


One product Shopify store is one of the easiest ways to get your Store online and grow your business. With only one product to offer in the market, initially, you only need to focus on marketing, branding and establishing a valuable product that fills the market gap. As your focus would be only one product, it leads you to excel in online business without getting distracted. So what are you waiting for? The best time to start is now. Stop procrastinating and underestimating yourself. This guide might be helpful for you to assist with basic knowledge for your one-product Online Store.