How to Sell Online Digital Marketing Services

Do you want to boost your freelance career and income while providing Online digital marketing services? Are you searching for techniques and tricks to help you engage potential customers for selling digital marketing services?

There is no doubt that retailers and entrepreneurs are in high demand of digital marketing services for skyrocketing their e-commerce business. In the past, they usually underestimated the need for digital marketing because they considered it risky and unproductive. But tech advancements have completely changed the picture now. Today no one can deny the necessity of digital marketing services, whether it’s an online store seller or pioneered business tycoon.

But How to sell digital Marketing services? Do you want to boost your freelance career and income while providing digital marketing services? Are you searching for techniques and tricks to help you engage potential customers for selling digital marketing services?

Although it’s very hard to make a promising career in freelance digital marketing, it’s not impossible at all. Shopify Digital has countered this issue and is providing digital marketing services through its Digital marketing agency services. This guide on Selling digital marketing services will give you some interesting tips to get potential customers. So let’s continue.

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Understanding Clients for End-to-End Digital Marketing services

Before you plan how to serve as a digital service provider, it’s essential to understand your clients so that you can tackle them with the offerings that are actually in need. The people who require digital marketing services must appear in an online e-commerce business. So the clients can be categorized into three types.

  • Newbie Salesman

Those business clients need to gain knowledge of digital marketing. They usually consider its productivity but need to trust people to get help. They are trying by themselves to sell on different social media platforms but need to learn how to do this correctly. There are the clients most difficult to handle. It’s a do-and-die situation for you to sell them. You can do the following things while dealing with them;

  • Ask them about the problems they are facing.
  • Paint an attractive picture of their business success.
  • Don’t oversell your services. Just be practical.
  • Intermediate Aspirants

These are the business clients who have sufficient knowledge of Digital marketing services and are investing in them. They are the business owners who have invested their money in the wrong digital marketer employee and now looking for some solution. To deal with them

  • You need to do some homework(to know what they are doing wrong).
  • Highlights their problems while comparing their success with other competitors.
  • Come up with a realistic solution and digital marketing plan.
  • Pioneered entrepreneurs

These are the entrepreneurs who are booming in the industry of e-commerce and are

also working with different digital marketing service providers. They are getting help with different analytic tools to get awareness about different sales matrices and how fast they work in their business. All they need is to enhance the speed of their success. You can only get them 

  • By doing extensive research on their business and organization.
  • Identity where they need to improve in their current marketing strategies.
  • Do research on competitors.
  • Show them how they can foster the speed of their e-commerce store.

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How To Sell Digital Marketing Services?

Getting a clear picture of your client makes it easy for you to sell your services. Now it’s time to apply some tricks that will polish your digital marketing skills and facilitate you with wonderful opportunities out there. Here are some tips that our Shopify Digital’s service providers arousing while delivering most of the digital marketing services.

  1. Don’t be a traditional marketer
  2. Know about Their need
  3. Be Clear about your Offerings
  4. Show them proof of what they are paying for
  5. Compare your services with a competitor
  6. Building Connections and Networking

1. Don’t be a traditional marketer

A significant number of digital marketing campaigns depend on commercializing their sales outside of their workplaces to draw in clients. What makes you stand out from others is the application of digital marketing tactics instead of just relying on cold calls, desperate pitching, and massive ads.

Individuals are more modern than that, and they’re depleted of it. A few platforms will attempt to initiate specific packages or services without understanding the entrepreneurs’ expectations.

This strategy can be frustrating to interested clients and can harm your business’s validity. Even so, more than selling your products or services is required. To find success in getting the following clients, you should acquire their trust, procure their dedication, and lay out a connection that establishes a good relationship.

2. Know about Their needs

Instead of you directly starting selling to the clients, ask them if they are in need. If you are directly trying to sell, it seems unprofessional and looks like you are just reading a script.

So whenever you interact with business clients, ask them

  • What are the problems they are facing?
  • What are their future goals for a particular business strategy?
  • Is there any change they want in their business?
  • How effectively are they using digital marketing services?

 Come up with appropriate homework and provide solutions to their problems. It will set a tone of trust and professionalism; they will likely consider your solution seriously.

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Be Clear about Your offerings

Understanding whom you can help is the initial step of the deal setting between you and your clients. It’s time to ponder the manners in which you can help them. Many specialists promote their digital marketing services in different areas, and organizations need support in different regions.

For instance, certain organizations require a more successful strategy for their content. Likewise, a few platforms need support in the space of paid promotions. As a Shopify digital Service Agency, you can help firms in the:

  • SEO Digital marketing services
  • Content Marketing 
  • Paid Advertising services
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Analytic marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

Your pitch for sales should talk about how you can help guarantee that the entrepreneur realizes why you’re a great aspirant to do the marketing.

For example, If your experience includes content writing or SEO and looks to extend your advertising and content endeavors, think about who’s turned into the ideal individual to finish the work. Clarify whom you can help and how you will show to your clients for what reason you’re the best candidate, freelance expert, or Platform to do the work.

4. Show them proof of what they are paying for

What’s a Seals message without proof of the outcomes? Assuming you choose to buy the product or service, you should be certain that you’re getting the best deal, that it will be broken in no less than seven days, or that the commitments made in a service agreement won’t be kept.

As you are selling your services as a digital marketer, your clients require similar confirmation. Like advertising, you should remember proof of the outcomes is your selling pitch. Provide testimonials of the clients that got benefited from your digital marketing services.

If your new client is closest to the previous client, it will give you bonus points. For example, if you are looking for a client working in a Shopify digital store, provide them proof of your results. Who has been a shopper of Shopify Digital earlier? Also, show them how much your digital marketing services assist them in increasing traffic and conversions.

It will show them your achievement and let them trust your expertise and capabilities.

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5. Compare your services with a competitor

Once you are clear about your services, you have shown the clients proof of your expertise, come up with valuable solutions for their problems, addressed the client’s needs, and come to offer along with a realistic plan that will help in their success and lessen the burden of work.

But wait, your homework is still ongoing. It would help if you did research on your competitor in the marketplace. Analyze the following categories of your competitor

  • What is the expertise of your competitor? Are they in the same competition as your skill?
  • What strategies did they implement to do a particular type of digital marketing services?
  • What are the results of their services, and where do you need to catch up?
  • If you need to learn, approach them positively and ask for help.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses as compared to them.

This research will help you establish an effective plan and strategy to get potential customers compared to your competitor.

6. Building Connections and Networking

Unique interactions assume an essential part in Digital marketing platforms. Attend trade union conferences, Write and share your views and expertise in trade journals, Meet with professionals related to your field, join online freelancing platforms, and effectively build communication networks with likely clients and influencers in your objective market.

 Building connections can prompt references and partnerships, assisting you with growing your client base and layout validity in the business.

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This Article on How to sell digital marketing services can help establish a successful career as a freelancer. As mentioned above, it requires a profound insight into the digital arena, a professional way to deal with target clients, a portfolio that exhibits a past record of your success, and a novel incentive that makes you stand out from the competitors. 

By embracing these tactics and establishing connections with digital marketing industry experts, you can succeed exceptionally in selling digital marketing services.


To get digital marketing clients, you can utilize a few powerful techniques. 

  • Ensure your online presence by creating a professional website.
  • Use social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Fever to showcase your records.
  • Apply good strategies like content marketing to promote your services and attract clients.
  • Build networking through online platforms, trade conferences, and other business events.
  • Publish your insights in trade journals and newspapers related to marketing strategies.
  • Partner with different organizations and platforms to increase your client base.

There are various services that you can offer as a digital marketing company like

  • SEO digital marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Pay-per-click
  • Social media digital marketing
  • Email Digital Marketing
  • Video Services.
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Analytic marketing

You can excel in selling social media services by 

  • Showing clients that their competitors are excelling in the market.
  • Show them how social media audiences will help in driving traffic and sales.
  • Tell them where you can help.
  • Come up with a valuable solution to their problems.
  • Come up with an optimistic approach and practical strategy.
  • Show them the role of the media in today’s era for achieving success in any business.