How to Outsource Facebook Ads Agency?

With the digitalization of the world, online presence and using different social media platforms for promoting businesses and online stores have become crucial for ordinary shoppers to business tycoons. The more you spend on different social media platforms to promote your products and services, the more your business grows.

Is the growth of your business satisfactory as compared to your competitor in the marketplace? If not, It is where they need to catch up to other businesses. It is where planning to harness the power of Facebook ads to drive growth and target more potential audiences comes in. A Facebook advertising agency is the best place to advertise products and services for e-commerce and other businesses. 

But managing Facebook ads requires resources, time and effort from your side. But you don’t need to bother yourself too much with this because Shopify Digital is a click away from outsourcing Facebook ads. So let’s continue to know How Shopify Digital’s service providers are doing this.

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Why Outsource Facebook ads agency?

As a business owner, you must do well in different projects simultaneously. You have multiple responsibilities to manage within twenty-four hours of a day. You have limited time to spend with your family, friends and other activities because managing your business is like being your boss.

With too much work on your head, you are misleading yourself if you think of managing Facebook advertising on your own. Because Facebook advertising requires too much effort, time, consistency, resources and expertise, this is where companies and businesses outsource Facebook ads agencies for better growth, effective ads management and growth of their ecommerce business.

Outsourcing Facebook ads agencies for your ecommerce store will save you from a multitasking headache, as advertising is more challenging than it looks. You must understand the tools and strategies that one should use at the proper stage of their business and put them in the proper place to target the audience. So outsourcing Facebook ads to professionals is very important for getting desired results from your advertising campaign.

Before You are going to outsource your Facebook ads, you should consider the following things.

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1. Understanding your objectives to outsource the best Facebook ads agency

Outsourcing companies for advertising is risky because it requires your resources. And even after putting in your best resources, it might be frustrating if you do not get desired results from a Facebook ads campaign. So it’s very important to set clear goals and objectives which you want to achieve after outsourcing a Facebook advertising company. You can decide whether;

  • Do you want to target a more custom audience?
  • Are you looking to get more X leads per month?
  • Planning to create brand awareness?

These are the questions that every business owner should ask oneself before reaching any freelancer, company and service provider for an outsourcing advertising campaign. Your predetermined objectives will save you time and effort. They will let you know whether you require an Outsourcing advertising company or can do it yourself.

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2.Are you in need of Outsource ecommerce Facebook ads agency?

As in the previous section, you have decided on what goals you want to achieve and what your objectives should be. Now it’s time to brainstorm whether you are really in Need of outsourcing.

At this point, you need to know about the following;

  • Do you have the time, resources and expertise to manage Facebook ads for yourself?
  • What is the current performance of your Facebook advertising campaign?
  • What benefits has outsourcing brought to your business?

Suppose you have knowledge, expertise and understanding of tools and are not too busy with other business tasks. In that case, you can do it alone and not need an outsourcing e-commerce Facebook ads agency.

Are you spending monthly on Facebook advertising, but the performance is zero? It means you need to spend your money correctly. You need an experienced freelancing company to handle this task.

Outsourcing helps you in improving the performance of your ads, brings you more results on ROI and much more. Before hiring any freelancer or company, evaluating whether you are in Need is important.

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3. Decide What aspects of outsourcing a Facebook ads agency for ecommerce

Now you know your objectives and have evaluated whether you need to outsource or not. If you need outsourcing, let’s proceed further. It’s time to decide in which aspects of advertising you need to hire another company and freelancer.

For instance, to generate more leads with your advertising campaign, you must hire the advertising service provider accordingly. Generally, an advertising campaign requires three basic things:

  • Managing advertising campaigns.
  • Copywriting 
  • Ads designing

So to keep in view the basics you need;

Campaign manager

Campaign manager will help optimize, run, manage and structure your advertising campaign. The most important thing in any advertising campaign management is ads placement and targeting the audience according to demographics. A campaign manager you choose for your Facebook outsourcing must be experienced, competent and a good manager.


Hire an experienced copywriter for your ads. Copywriters must produce engaging, attractive, simple and attention-grabbing ad copy, as ad copy is the most important aspect of a campaign.

Graphic Designer

Visuals of your ads play a key role in engaging the audience and effectively delivering your message across the audience. So Graphic designers must be professional, creative and experienced.

After knowing the aspects, estimating which kinds of professionals you need for outsourcing a Facebook ads campaign is easy. Shopify Digital is also one of the platforms which you can reach for outsourcing Facebook ads.

4. Pricing of Outsourcing Facebook ads agency

It is the most important step while descending on outsourcing your Facebook ads. Most of the campaign setters work hourly, whether they are campaign managers, copywriters and graphic designers. The things which you need to consider before deciding on an outsourcing budget are the following;

  • Your current budget limit for advertising campaigns.
  • The current prestige of your business.
  • The current performance of your ads campaign.
  • Location of the freelancer who is providing services of Facebook outsourcing. If they are from developed countries, they will charge more, but freelancers from developing countries like India will charge less. For example, in the USA, freelancers charge $50 to $250 per ad. But freelancers usually charge $10 to $50 outside of the USA.
  • Specific skill expertise of service provider. Rates can vary from one skill to another. For example, a manager can charge $25 to $250, and a graphic designer charges $25 to $75 per hour, depending on the level of expertise.
  • The complexity and prestige of the project.

After knowing this, you will get a clear and realistic picture of how much money you need to outsource an advertising campaign to a company. Before hiring any experts, you must agree with your advertising partner on common terms to avoid future misunderstandings.

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5. Hire freelancer to outsource Advertising campaigns

Now it’s time to hire a company that works as a service provider. You can hire independent freelancers as campaign managers, copywriters and graphic designers. You can look up different social media platforms like Fiverr, Upwork,linkedin for hiring freelancers. If you plan to outsource with the company, you can look up Shopify Digital, facilitating with a community of service providers.

After hiring freelancers, your responsibility is still ongoing. It would be best if you made the freelancers understand your business setup. If you think that they already know everything, you are wrong. The most important thing is to decide on working hours, get reports and schedule meetings more often to know the performance of your advertising campaign.


That’s how you can outsource your Facebook advertising campaign by hiring a freelancer or any other platform, just like Shopify Digital. For your business, outsourcing the management of your Facebook Ads can be a game-changer because it enables you to access expert knowledge, save time and money, and get better results. By cautiously assessing potential outsourcing companies and laying out clear objectives and goals, you can get desired advantages of outsourcing and drive your Facebook advertising efforts higher than ever. Keep an eye on and evaluate your outsourcing partner’s performance regularly to ensure it aligns with your company’s goals. You can unlock the true potential of Facebook advertising and dispatch your business toward success with the assistance of the appropriate outsourcing company.


 It takes careful planning, acquiring specialized knowledge, and cultivating a robust network to start a Facebook advertising agency. You can establish yourself as a reliable partner for businesses looking for efficient Facebook advertising solutions by concentrating on developing a solid business strategy, honing your expertise, and delivering exceptional results. You can carve your way to success in the thriving field of digital marketing with the right approach, and the journey begins with passion and determination.

Determining the cost of running Facebook ads for a company depends on various factors, including the scope of work, campaign objectives, target audience, ad complexity, and industry competitiveness. Evaluating these factors and considering industry standards to establish a fair and mutually beneficial pricing structure is best.

Your company’s particular requirements, resources, and expertise will determine whether or not to outsource Facebook ads. Time can be saved, specialized knowledge can be accessed, and outsourcing can improve campaign efficiency. Assess your abilities and objectives to decide whether rethinking aligns with your goals and financial plan.