How to Delete a Shopify Account?

Shopify is an all-in-one ecommerce platform with millions of users across the globe. It facilitates its users with multiple features and comprehensive functionality. It allows its users to build their online store with a free trial and provides them with the courtesy of deleting their Shopify account.

Although Shopify is a great place for a startup, you can also delete the Shopify store if you think it might not suit your store best. If your Shopify store is not working well, you should switch to other ecommerce platforms like Magento and Woocommerce for better functionality and as a great enterprise.

Whatever the reason, Shopify provides you with almost three options if you do not want to continue with Shopify. You have the option of Account deletion, pausing and building the Shopify store, and pausing the Shopify store. So let’s start with How to Delete a Shopify Account.

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Things to Know Before Deleting Shopify Account

There is some information I think every Shopify store owner should know, whether they want to continue their ecommerce business with Shopify or not.


  • If you plan to switch from Shopify to another platform, the Shopify Support team will not help you delete your store. You have to do it for yourself manually.


  • Once you have closed your online store, you can no longer use your admin panel. The reason is after deletion, you lose access and control over it. So I suggest looking for other ways, like cancelling the subscription and pausing temporarily.


  • After the deletion of the store, you will not be able to use the store’s name and URL to reactivate the account. You even can not use this URl and name for other ecommerce businesses.


  • Suppose you are at the very early stage of your online store building. In that case, if you are using a free trial of Shopify and have yet to purchase any plan, you can immediately delete your Shopify account without any requirement.
  • If you are only looking for a pause plan and do not want to switch completely, you must be on a paid plan for at least 60 days after using the free trial. If you are not on any paid plan, you cannot choose a pause plan.

Things to Do Before Closing Shopify Account

Have you pondered enough about your decision to close the Shopify store? If yes, then there are some tasks which you should accomplish before closing or pausing your Shopify store.

  •  Resolve Payment Clearance issues; 

If you delete or close your Shopify account completely, clear all your previous dues, debt and charges. Suppose you will continue to get notified even after the closure of your store.

  • Contact third-party app provider;

 If you have subscribed to any third-party app for increasing functionality, before closing contact with third-party app providers for cancelling the subscription. If you directly uninstall the apps without being in contact with providers, you still get charged to your credit card. So inform the app provider before deleting it from your Shopify account.

  • Resolve domain-related Issues; 

As long as you are active in your Shopify account, you may transfer your custom domain to another ecommerce website if you want to switch. If you purchased it from a third-party provider, remove it before you delete the account. This step is crucial before deleting your Shopify store because, after that, you cannot save your custom domain for later use.

  • Preserving Store data;

 If you think that all the information of the previous store would not work for you in future, you need to be correct. Whether you will continue with the same business or not in future, you never know where that previous record might resolve your issues. So try to get a backup of the CVS file, which contains transaction fees, billing, financial record, customer history, order record, product data etc.

  • Look for other ways;

Are you going to close your Shopify store because of time deficiency or being unable to run more than one business at a time? Pause for a minute; I have a better suggestion for you. Instead of closing an account, you may sell your store to someone else or partner with potential investors. It might be more beneficial for you.

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 Have you done all the above-mentioned tasks, like billing payments, domain transfer, and backup data, and are you still ready to delete your Shopify account? If yes,let’s proceed forward. There is a huge difference between closing your account and pausing it. The former is a permanent action, and the latter is temporary. So, first of all, we will discuss how to delete your Shopify account permanently.

The steps which one should follow for account deletion are following;

1. Go to Setting

The beginning is to log in to your Shopify account and move to the admin panel. After navigating here, tap on the menu bar at the left corner and click on settings.

2. Choose a Plan  

After reaching the setting, you will see many options here. Try to find the accounts option and click on accounts to proceed to the account page.

3. Click on Close store

At the account page, scroll down and reach the option of store status. This option will be available to customize your store, and you can rightly close your store here. You can also reconsider your decision here as it offers you the option of selling your store etc. Click on the close store.

4. Enter the password and confirm

It is an authentication step that only lets people else use your account if your login information is safe. In other words, it confirms that you are holding this account and will close it now. Enter your correct password and click on confirm to continue.

5. Select the reason and delete the account.

After password confirmation, pop-up reasons let Shopify know why you are leaving the platform. Choose any one out of cancellation reasons, or create your own if you thought your cancellation does not already exist. After clicking on the close store, you will get a confirmation mail of the closing store.

Shopify usually stores data after the deletion of an account for 30 days; if you change your mind after 30 days, you will not be able to return your store. Also, remember after canceling your Shopify account, you cannot use the same store name and Shopify. The domain name to recreate your other Shopify store.

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How to temporarily close your Shopify store?

Shopify also provides its users with the option of taking a temporary break. If you want some pause from your online Shopify store, Shopify allows you to close your store for three months temporarily. It comes with a monthly subscription fee, so you have complete control over your admin panel compared to complete closure.

So if you still did not delete your account and possess control over the admin panel, you may select from the following type of pauses;

  1. Pause Shopify Store along with Build Plan(temporarily pause)
  2. Pause Shopify Store completely

But before deciding for a pause, you must know that opting for it requires you to stay on a 60 days paid plan after the free trial. So let’s discuss the above-mentioned temporarily closing stores and how to pause them.

1. Pause Shopify Store and Built Plan

It is the most suitable option for a temporary pause from your work. If you want to pause for financial savings, like if your online store sells seasonal products, and it does not work well out of season, you can go for this pause.

After this pause, you get control over the admin panel, reorganize your products, and optimize your store. Your store is visible to the customers, but they cannot buy from you. With this temporary pause, you must pay a monthly subscription fee of about $9.

So the steps to get this temporary pause are as follows;

  1. Log in to your Shopify store and go to the admin panel. From here, click on the menu bar and tap on settings.
  2. After setting, you come to multiple options; click the account option and move to the account page.
  3. On the account page, scroll down and move to store status, which allows for customizing store status. Here you find three options. Click on the pause and build option.
  4. After clicking on pause, you will get a pop-up dialogue showing billing details, get an overview of this and click on build and pause to confirm the details.
  5. Review all the changes before proceeding further, and click on confirm. You can confirm from your admin panel the pause.

You can temporarily pause your Shopify account with some control over it. You can reactivate your store after a three month pause after purchasing a subscription plan from the status section without additional charges.

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2.Pause Shopify Store(Closing Temporarily)

You can temporarily close your Shopify store by choosing a pause Shopify store. This facility is available for three months, and after that, you need to recontinue with pause and build a Shopify plan. But you can opt for this only if you fulfill the requirement of using a paid plan for 60 days.

With this pause, you lose control over the admin panel, cannot change your Shopify store, and cannot sell products but can interact with your customers. Your domain shows a message to visitors that this store is temporarily closed.

It is free of cost, and you don’t need to pay any subscription fee for that pause; you can continue to work on your same store within three months.

To take a pause, you need to follow these steps;

1.Log in to your Shopify store, move to the admin panel and reach the menu

 Bar. Click on settings.

  1. After moving into settings, you land on a page with multiple options; look for the account option and tap on it to move to the account page.
  2. After you step on the account page, scroll down and move to store status. Here you will meet up with three options. Out of them, choose the pause store.
  3. Read the pop-up instructions and click on pause store again. After reviewing all the steps, finish by leaving a message for visitors at your store and submit.
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How To Reopen Shopify Store After Cancellation?

Do you delete your account on Shopify and want to reopen it? Yes, you can reopen your account with the same domain and store names within thirty days after deletion. For this, you don’t need to go on a pause plan. You can continue where you have left off just by following these steps;

  1. Sign in to your Shopify and move to the admin panel. Then navigate to the menu bar and tap on settings.
  2. After moving into settings, select the option of plan and permissions. Here you get the plan of your choice.
  3. After choosing a pricing plan, your billing cycle will resume. After that, your account will reactivate again. If you set any password priorly, you can remove it.

This way, you can reopen your account and start selling again.


In this guide, we have discussed how you can delete your Shopify account if you consider it worthwhile for your current e-commerce business. You can follow these steps one by one to cancel your account. But you are looking for other options, like canceling a Shopify subscription or pausing. You can still get guidance from this blog. That’s all that you need to know. How to delete my Shopify account? And How to cancel my Shopify subscription?