How to Create a Development Store In Shopify?

Are you an entrepreneur and aspiring business owner who is seeking a prestage platform to digitalize the existence of your business? Do you want to unleash your ecommerce potential by setting up an online store? Are you facing the need of a developer for creating a development store?

Suppose your mind is bothered by all these questions. In that case, the solution to all your problems is the Shopify digital platform that can assist its users in elevating their ecommerce growth by developing Shopify stores through its community of developers. There are billions of business tycoons and newbie entrepreneurs globally who have been using Shopify development stores and witnessed exceptional growth with the Shopify platform. 

Shopify development store is a familiar term for most Shopify partners, but you might be unfamiliar with shopify store development as a newcomer. This article will let you know what a Shopify development store is and how you can create one as a developer or Entrepreneur. So let’s continue.

Shopify Store

What is a Development Store on Shopify?

A development store is an account on the Shopify platform that is free of cost and enables Shopify partners to test unlimited themes and apps, develop online stores for ecommerce clients and earn profit. But for being a partner you must access Shopify partner dashboard.

With a Shopify partner account, you have the freedom to use different free themes and apps and Shopify partner-friendly apps. As a developer, you can access all the features provided by Shopify’s advanced plans. You have following opportunities with Shopify partner account;

  • Create and test unlimited free stores for clients.
  • Create unlimited products.
  • Create at least ten functioning apps.
  • Create and test the Shopify theme and customized theme.

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How to Create a Development Store on Shopify?

Creating a development store is not very frustrating but requires some technical programming knowledge as an entrepreneur. You can do it easily as a developer but must set up a Shopify Partner Account.

For creating a Shopify partner account, navigate to Shopify Partner programme. Put your email and fill out the form given below. Now you can create a Development store. Developers usually use two types of development stores;

  • App and theme testing store
  • Online Store for clients.

Both types of Stores require the same procedure of development. So let’s understand how to Create a development store for shopify.

Step1:Go to Partner Dashboard

As you have already created a partner account at the Partner dashboard, Now Again, navigate to the Shopify Partner dashboard to create stores for testing or your client. After moving to the partner dashboard, Click Stores.

Step2:Add Store and create a development store

After reaching the Store’s option, Click on Add Stores and move on to the next section, Create development store.

Step3:Select store type

In the section of create development store, you can choose from different types of stores. If you create a Store for testing, you can create a store to test and build. But if it’s for the client choose Create a Store for the client.

One product Shopify store

Step4: Choose your Store’s name

Once you have selected the store type, choose your Store’s name in the store details section. If it’s client based on Store, add your client’s information; otherwise, add your login info, like username and password. Whatever name you choose will be used to create the URL of your development store.

Step5: Add Developers Preview

If you are creating a test store, choosing the developer’s preview from the dropdown list is important. By choosing this, you will get additional reach to Shopify apps and features as a developer. But the Store with developers’ preview can’t be transferred to clients.

If you create a store on the client’s behalf, this step is for someone else. Instead, you need to add your client’s business location for default shipping rates and selection of region-specific apps.

Step6: Navigate to Data and Configuration section

When you create a store at Shopify, it’s empty without any product and service data. You can choose a store populated with test data if it’s a testing store. It will help test themes, apps and stores. But you can’t transfer this to the client.

Step7: Choose the purpose of the Store

Next, navigate to the Store purpose section, and select any one option which is the reason behind creating a development store at Shopify. It’s optional can either skip this.

Step8: Click the Save Button

After properly following the steps mentioned earlier, click on save or create a development store. After doing this, you can either make it archive if it’s a testing store or transfer it to the client.

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Transferring Ownership to Clients

Now we know how to create development store for clients or testing. If you have created a Store for a client and wants to transfer it and get your revenue, follow the steps below:

Step1: Choose a store

Go to the Shopify partner dashboard and click on the Store section.

Step2: Transfer Ownership

After selecting stores, a screen appears where you have two options: archive your Store or transfer ownership. Choose transfer ownership at right.

Step3: Select New Owner

Once you have chosen transfer ownership, a screen with the description of demo development store ownership appears. Now you can Add a new owner or if you don’t add any person’s name as a client while creating the account, you can choose to Add a Staff account. If the owner is not a staff member, create a new account.

Step4: Click on Transfer Store

As you have chosen the owner, it’s time to transfer the Store. Click on Transfer Store. After clicking, the client will get Gmail which provides instructions to choose a plan and create an account. The Store would be on Pause Status until the owner choose a paid plan. After choosing the plan the Store will be active for live functioning.

That is how Our Shopify Digital Developer creates accounts and transfers them to clients.

Suppose you are a retailer looking for developers to create a development store in Shopify. In that case, Our developers are there to develop a store that digitizes your business with your Store’s online presence. So come and grab the opportunity.

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It is our Guide on How to Create A Development Store in Shopify which you can follow step by step to create your Store, whether as a developer or merchant. Shopify development store can be used for testing themes and apps and also created for online selling.

Creating a Shopify store is very beneficial for developers and entrepreneurs as it provides a source of side income. On the other hand, entrepreneurs can expand their reach and target a greater number of customers which is the ultimate goal of their businesses. This information will be effective and help you in creating and mastering the art of How To Create Development Store.


You can easily set up development store by following the steps below:

  1. Create a Shopify partner account.
  2. Move to the Partner dashboard and click Stores tab.
  3. Click Store and tap on create development store.
  4. Choose store type, and add name and other required information at the Store details section.
  5. Add Developers Preview and Navigate to the data and configuration section if it’s a testing store. Otherwise, skip this and choose the location of your business for the Online Store.
  6. Choose purpose and select Create a store for clients.

That’s it.

Shopify developers are software engineers that are part of the Shopify development agency and provide development services to Shopify clients. These services include website building, Store, theme, app building, and website maintenance.

The requirements as a Shopify developer include understanding CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, and Liquid. You also need to get knowledge of programming languages used in Shopify libraries. You must have experience as a software engineer in Store, theme and apps development. You must know how to create a Shopify partner account. A thorough research about Shopify’s working environment might be helpful.

Working as a Shopify developer is relatively easy. Shopify is an easy-to-use platform with 24/7 support through a community of experts and developers. While working with Shopify, you need basic programming and technical knowledge for store development, theme and app building, and website maintenance.