How to Add Variant Selector in Shopifyon Collection Pages?

Are you a merchant of an online ecommerce store looking for a way to improve product arrangement? Well, you have reached exactly where you should be! Yes, The thing which can improve product arrangement and create ease for your customers is Variant Selector.

Variant Selector enables the customers to add variations on product collection pages out of different colors and sizes of available products. In this blog, we will discuss step by step how you can add variant selectors on the collection pages of your online Shopify store. But before diving into the guide, let’s know why to use it and its benefits to your online store.

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Why Use Variant Selector?

Using a variant selector on collection pages in your Shopify store can bring various benefits to your online Shopify store, such as;

Improved User experience: 

Variant selector allows the customers to select the product variation out of color, size and design without moving from one place to another. In this way, it saves the user’s time and simplifies their product selection process. So creating ease for customers leaves a positive impact on users.

Better Product Organization: 

Variant selector helps the shopper to arrange products in different categories based on color, size, design and material. In this way, the products are readily available on collection pages, saving the shopper’s energy in finding products and helping them avoid confusion. So it simplifies product management and organization for shoppers.

Streamlined Inventory Management:

Variant selector also assists the store owner in inventory management. On collection pages, shoppers can track inventory levels for each product variant. It also allows them to adjust prices according to product variations. Smooth inventory also allows the shopper to analyze customers’ choices regarding your products.

Enhanced product filtering:

product filtering means sorting the products according to their demand among the audience. Products are categorized on the collection pages and easily accessible to customers using variant selectors. Customers usually pick the product of their choice, which shows an insight to the shopper about the demand for a particular product variant in the market. In this way, the variant selector helps the shopper to filter the products based on which product variation should be in stock.

Impact on Conversion Rate:

Variant selector also improves conversion rate. When all the categories of products are available on one page, and users don’t need to spend time on different pages, it helps customers to make purchasing decisions without confusion. So in this way, it positively impacts conversions.

Overall, the Variant selector is user-friendly and creates ease for customers and shoppers. It also helps in improved sales, simplifies shopping processes and saves time.

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Can you Add Variant Selector on Collection pages In Shopify?

Shopify does not directly allow adding variant selectors on collection pages as it allows on product pages. The reason is on product pages, it works as a drop-down menu, as the customer has already selected a particular product, and he just wanted to add variants(color, size, number, design) to match their taste.

But on the collection page, the customer needs it to narrow down the various products with different categories. So Shopify does not allow a built-in variant selector for the collection page. But you can achieve the purpose by technically coding your collection page.

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How do you Add a Variant Selector on the Collection page?

As we have already discussed, Shopify does not allow built-in product variant selectors, but we can help you how to add them. It usually requires coding knowledge for a better understanding of the process. It usually involves two steps;

  • Adding variations on the product page.
  • Adding variant selector on the collection page. 

Adding variation on the product page

 The first and foremost is to categorize products based on color, size, shape, design, material and other variations depending on the specific product type. Once you have decided on it, create variations on each product’s page. You can navigate in the following way;

            Product page > All Products > Edit > Variations

But this step is necessary only if you still need to categorize your product page.


Adding Variant selector to the collection page


After adding product page variation, adding variants on the collection page is time. First of all, navigate to your Shopify store’s admin panel. You can follow the path given below:

                 Shopify admin panel > Online Store > Shopify Theme Page 


Now you have reached the theme page. Select a particular theme that contrasts with product variations and collection pages. For example, I have chosen the dawn theme for a variation on collection pages and did its editing. Now move on to the following pathway;

                            Theme > Dawn > Select edit code


It’s time to proceed further. After code editing, search for sections and move on to main-collection-product-grid. Liquid.

             Sections > main-collection-product-grid.liquide > paste code

After reaching here, paste the code you edited in the previous step in a particular place. But If you use a different theme, this step might require some changes according to your theme. With a different theme, you can navigate to collection-liquid-file and then move to the collection page and paste the code.


In this step, you must move back to the theme page where you selected the theme for the Variant. Here we need to paste CSS code. Add the following code in the file of base.css but locate it below the already present code. You can move on the following route;

                Theme > Dawn > Move to Assets > Base.css

You can follow the same process with different themes and paste the code into a CSS file.


It is the final step. After you have correctly followed the steps mentioned earlier, click on save changes and review if all the variants are at the desired locations and working well. If yes, you have successfully added the variant selector to your product page.

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How To Optimize Variant Selector on Collection Pages?

Optimization of the variant selector plays a critical role in sales conversions and improving customers’ experience on your collection page. Following are some tricks and recommendations you can remember while adding variant selectors on your collection pages. The tricks are;

Add Clear and Concise Variants: 

While selecting options for variants, try to make them simple and clear. Avoid any ambiguous terms to represent the variants and use simple wording like “Color”,” Size”,” Shape,” etc. If you Design the Variant in such a way that they are user-friendly and understandable, then there are more chances for optimization. 

Appealing Images:

Images are most important for the display of each Variant. If you want optimization of your collection page, you should add the image of all the sizes, all the colors and all the other variants available for a particular product. The images should be high quality, easily scannable for mobile phones and other devices and show consistency. By using visual aids, there are more chances for your products to be searched by customers and rank on search engines.

Use analytics:

Analytics is essential to track the performance of your collection pages. It will let you know to what extent the variant selector has successfully driven sales. It also lets you review your drawbacks and decide where to put more effort. In this way, you will better understand how to improve variant optimization. You can use Shopify’s built-in analytics in addition to third-party tools.

Add testing: 

While adding variant selector, try different templates and layouts to know which suits best according to the specific product and store’s requirements. You can add A/B testing and analyze their performance on different devices to know which one is more workable. This pretesting will save you time and energy.

Using Variant Selector Apps; 

For improved performance of variant selectors, you can also use different tools. Shopify offers third-party apps like MultiVarients Bulk Order, Variant Option Product Options, Globo product options, Variant etc., which offer different designs and specific features. You can automate the variant process with the help of these apps, and it also affects the performance of collection pages on search engines.

There are a few options that might be helpful for the optimization of variant selectors. You can use them and go for further research, if you like, for more understanding.

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So adding a variant selector on your collection page is one of the current marketing strategies that effectively improve customers’ shopping experience. It positively impacts customers’ buying decisions by providing variations while staying on a single page. 

Adding a variant selector requires some coding knowledge, and after that, you are only a few clicks away from this. So what are you waiting for? Try it now and help the customers with a better shopping experience.