How To Add Klarna To Shopify? – An Expert Overview

Several nations provide the payment gateway known as Klarna. It offers a method for customers to pay for their goods over time and gives businesses a tool to finance their clients. In Denmark, Austria, Finland, the US, the UK, Sweden, and Norway, Shopify users can use Klarna as a payment gateway.

If you operate a business in one of these nations, you can let consumers apply for Klarna finance at the point of sale. You must create a Klarna account to do this. You can go into Shopify settings and turn on Klarna as a payment gateway when you’ve finished. Your clients can use Klarna as a payment method on the checkout option once you’ve completed this.

Step By Step Guide: How To Add Klarna To Shopify?

Sign Up With Klarna

To create an account, you must first register with Klarna. This involves picking a payment method and checkout system. Visit this page to register with Klarna for your Shopify store.

Install Its App

The Klarna Payments app must be installed when you create your Klarna account. With the help of the software, you can integrate Klarna with your Shopify business so that it can handle orders and generate credit offers. You must authenticate the Klarna API as part of the setup procedure. Install the Klarna Payments app by visiting this link.

Activate Payment Method

The final step is to turn on Klarna as a payment option. Go to settings>payment providers on your Shopify admin. Click Choose alternate payment in the Alternative Payments section. Select Klarna from the list of providers. Enter your Klarna account information. Click Activate.

Final Words

Adding the Klarna extension to your Shopify store can give your clients another option for purchasing marketplace items. An e-commerce operation’s success often hinges upon its quality payment options. Your efforts will be rewarded each time you provide an effective means through which customers can make purchases. They are more likely to do so.

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