How To Add A Stylish Cursor To Your Shopify Store?

Website design is crucial for brand identity. The unique design amazes users and inspires the audience. The cursor or waiting animations are all features of your website. If these are unique, they will amaze your audience and have a positive impact.

This article will guide you on how to add a stylish cursor to your Shopify store website. If you are a technical person, you can efficiently perform this task and make your store attractive. But if you are not a technical person, this blog post is for you.

How To Add A Stylish Cursor To Your Shopify Store? A Step-By-Step Guide

The following steps will help you add the stylish cursor to your Shopify store:

  • To add a stylish custom cursor to our Shopify store, we shall use a Shopify app named Floatton.
  • Yes, the Floatton app. You can use it to add sticky buttons to your website to facilitate your user in the usage of your website, like the go upside button or add to cart button, etc.
  • It has recently integrated a new feature to add a custom cursor to your Shopify store. You can easily add a stylish custom cursor to your Shopify website and give it an elegant and fantastic look by utilizing it.
  • The process is straightforward. You must visit the Shopify app store and search for the Floatton app. When you have found the app, then install it.
  • After the successful installation, it just goes to the app’s dashboard for configuration. 
  • After clicking on the setting button, you will see the Custom Cursor option. Click on this button. 
  • Then a new tab will open in front of you where you can see over 100+ designs of the cursor. 
  • Please choose one of them and save the new settings. 
  • You have all done it. Now you can visit your Shopify store to see the magic.

NOTE: To use this amazing app feature, you must buy the Floatton app’s pro version. The price of the pro package is $1 per month. You must pay $1 monthly to use this fantastic feature.

Final Words

We hope this blog post will help you add a stylish cursor to your Shopify store in a live setting without any errors. If you have any queries or suggestions, explore the contact us option and discuss it with our professional team. They will get back to you soon and provide the best possible solutions to all your queries.

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