Complete Guide Shopify Store Design For Newbies

Shopify is an excellent platform for eCommerce businesses. If you are going to start your eCommerce store with Shopify and you need more information about it, there is no need to take the tension. The easy theme template and app of Shopify provide you with a lot of ease. But a helpful guide will help you out in the long term. 

I will provide Complete Guide Shopify Store Design For Newbies in this article. This article will help you with all aspects of creating your eCommerce store with Shopify. For the best development of the store, keep following the article till the end.

How To Start A Shopify Store?

Designing the Shopify store might take a lot of work. Yes! Either adopt the easy drag-and-drop feature in your store’s development or choose some complex way. There are both situations. It is all up to you how you handle the problems. If we use simple words, I would like to describe the design of the Shopify store in three steps.

1. Selection Of Shopify Theme

Selection of a Shopify theme is an initial step. You can get the theme of Shopify from the Shopify theme store. Many themes are available on the Shopify theme store, so you can choose any theme according to your choice.

There are a large number of Shopify themes available in the market. You can choose the theme according to your requirement. If you are interested in functionality, then functionality-based themes are also available, and if you are interested in design only, then design-oriented themes are also available. 

It is all up to your choice. Do you need help with the selection of a theme? If yes, you can follow our guide about selecting a Shopify theme. From this guide, you will get the right idea about selecting your Shopify theme.

2. Customization of Shopify theme

After selecting the right Shopify theme, now is the time to customize your theme. For the customization of themes, we use the Shopify theme editor. Shopify theme editor allows us to edit our theme according to our demand. 

By customization, we make our theme according to our wishes and make it suitable for our store. To get the proper guidance about the customization of a Shopify theme, follow our guide to getting proper help.

3. Add a Shopify app according to your need

Once you have done with the theme customization now, this is the time to add some amazing functionalities to your Shopify store by using the fantastic app of Shopify. The app is an excellent program with certain functionality in our Shopify store. 

Developers designed apps to help us. Whenever we want to add some new functionality to our Shopify store, we use the Shopify app. On the app store, we can import our desired apps to our store and can use them according to our needs. We found the app on the Shopify app store.

It is again up to you which kind of functionality you want to add to your store to solve your problem. The app will create ease for you in the journey of eCommerce with Shopify.

Introduction To Shopify Theme

Shopify theme plays the backbone role in the design of the Shopify store. Now we’ll give you a detailed overview of the theme of Shopify. 

What are Shopify themes?

Shopify theme is the template that determines the looks of our Shopify eCommerce store. Yes, themes have some functionalities to facilitate the users and the owner of Shopify stores, but the main purpose of a theme is to provide the layout of your store.  We found the themes of Shopify from the Shopify themes store. There are a lot of themes of Shopify available on Shopify theme stores. 

Most Shopify themes are paid, but free themes are also available. Read our article to get complete information about Shopify’s best free themes. It will provide a complete guide about the free themes of Shopify. Now a new question is raised: If free themes are available, why should I buy a paid theme for my store?

Should I Buy A Shopify Theme?

Many Shopify themes are available in the market, and all themes are fantastic at their place. The paid themes have fantastic functionality, and the developers charge for those functionalities. It is all up to you how you use the theme. 

Do Shopify Themes Have Permanent Licenses?

Yes, the license of a Shopify theme is for a lifetime. Moreover, there are features updates, and developer support is also included when you buy a Shopify theme for your store. 

Are Shopify Themes Customizable?

There is not any strictness about the usage of Shopify themes. All Shopify themes are easily customizable, and we can change everything according to our desire. A great thing about Shopify themes is that if you have purchased a theme of Shopify for your store, then you can use that on multiple stores. If you want to change your theme, you can easily do that. 

Can We Change Our Shopify Theme?

Yes, you can easily change the theme of Shopify on your live store. Shopify allows us to change our theme. If we are not satisfied with our current theme or have a fantastic theme for our store, then we always have an option for replacing the theme.

Elements For Shopify Store Design

There are a few default elements that come with the theme of Shopify. However, the new user needs to learn about the crucial elements of the design of Shopify. That is why we have listed the crucial elements for the design of Shopify that will help you properly design your Shopify store. You can use this list in the setting up of your store. 

Universal Elements

Universal elements are those elements that show on every page of your store. It does not matter whether it is a home page, product page, or any other page.

1. Menu

The menu is the top bar that displays on the top of your store. The entire pages of your store, your essential products, and your store’s brand identity are displayed on the header line. There are two major parts of the header: the menu and the logo of your brand. 

You can place essential pages, products, categories, and subcategories in your store’s navigation menu. Mostly the menu is the default element of every theme. To get proper guidance about the navigation menu, read the article on creating navigation and pages in Shopify. 

You will get proper guidance about the navigation bar of Shopify. The logo is the brand identity of your store. Get proper guidance about the brand’s logo via how to create the logo of your brand guide.

2. Announcement Bar

The announcement bar shows on the top of your store. The purpose of this bar is to display a crucial message from the store’s owner. The message could be about the current sales, discounts, or any upcoming event.

Mostly the announcement functionality comes as a default functionality with the theme. If the announcement bar is not available in your theme, you can add it through a free app named Announcement Bar App.

3. Footer

As the name describes, the footer is the bottom part of your store. It is also a universal element. You can place essential links, newsletters,s and other information in the footer. With a footer, the website looks complete.

Homepage Designing Elements

The homepage is the main page of your store, so you should design it appropriately. All positive information should be placed in it. We know that the first impression is the last, and the homepage will put your first impression on your customer, so please design it carefully and make it extraordinary. 

In the following lines, I will express the essential homepage design elements. By utilizing this information, you can make your homepage more attractive, featured, and professional. 

1. Header Banner

After the main menu, the header banner is the top important part of the homepage. We usually display current offers or a short introduction to our store on the header banner. Some people use a slider as a header banner. The main purpose of both is the same, but with a slider. We may display multiple messages on the front of our store. The header banner Should be responsive and eye-catching. 

2. Brand Story

The brand story plays the role of the about us page, but it is not a page. It is a section that is added on the homepage of your store, and it describes your store in words, and your customers get information about your brand from it. So, optimize this section perfectly and professionally to win the customer’s trust. 

3. Collection Display

When you design a Shopify store and add products, you place the products in certain categories. The combination of those categories makes the collection. We can display those categories in our store. When the categories display in our store, it changes the look of our store.

We provide the full overview of our products in the collection display. By using the display of a collection, the customers can get their desired product from the category to whom that product belongs. Therefore, it is integral to the Shopify store’s homepage design.

4. Products Recommendations

Product recommendations are also an essential section of the homepage of Shopify. In this section, we recommend our products to our customers based on a unique factor about the product like new arrival, 50% discount, etc. 

Such kind of recommendations attract our customers towards the products of our store and compel them to overview the products deeply, and when they deeply overview our store, there are more chances that they will buy something from our store.

5. Testimonials and Reviews 

Testimonials are the customer’s reviews of your services. We share the feedback of our old customers with testimonials. These testimonials enhance the trust of visitors of the store in our brand. In the design of our store, the testimonial section plays an important role. It not only builds the trust of our brand but also gives an aesthetic look to our homepage.

After the testimonials, the second trust-building thing is reviews. The reviews also make our store powerful. We can add reviews and testimonials to our store using the Shopify app, like Photo Reviews and Testimonials. You can also add it by custom development. While adding testimonials keep in mind that only add testimonials up to three because people are not interested in reading long explanations. 

6. Instagram Feed

Instagram field market your Instagram account and increase the look of your store to some instant. Some people use it in the design of Shopify stores, and some do not. You can add an Instagram field in your Shopify store by using an app like Instagram Feed ‑ Instafeed Pro. 

Elements Of Product Page

There are a few elements that a product page should contain. It will help customers to get complete information about the product.

1. Images of Product

Product images are an important part of the product page. The images of products provide a visual description of the product to the customers. Through product images, customers can get a better idea about the product.

The product images feature, by default active in all themes of Shopify. So you do not need to install an app for it. When you are adding product images, make sure that the images are high-resolution images.

2. Description of Product

The product description is an important part of a product page. In this section, we describe our product in detail. By reading that description, we build confidence in our product in front of our customers. The product description is, by default, enabled in all themes of Shopify.

3. Reviews

Reviews are a super crucial part of an eCommerce store because these reviews build our trust in our customers. Now there is a question: how can we add reviews in our Shopify store? The answer is simple: we use different apps, Loox Product Reviews & Photos or AliExpress Reviews Importer, to add reviews to our Shopify store.


Recommendations are the plus point added to the product store. We try to convince our customers to buy more stuff from our store by using recommendations. Usually, the recommendations are, by default, enabled in the theme of Shopify, but if it is not enabled, we can use an app.

Personalized Recommendations to enable product recommendations in our Shopify store. In the above image, the suggestions are about related products. We can add recommendations about related products or new arrivals etc. 

Cart Page Design

Usually, the cart page has a simple design, but we can add trust badges and recommendations to make it unique.

1. Trust Badges

Trust badges enhance the trust of customers in the payment method. We can add trust badges by using the app, Trust Badges App. By using this app, you can add your desired trust badges on the cart page.

2. Recommendation

You can display product recommendations on the cart page to increase the store’s sales. To add suggestions on the cart page, we use a wiser app. By using this app, you can enable recommendations on the cart page of your Shopify store. You can increase the conversion rate by enabling this feature on the cart page.

Final Words

The process of designing a Shopify store is super easy. So you can easily start your eCommerce business by using Shopify. You can get information from our articles if you need help with Shopify store design. 

But you may contact us if you want any services related to Shopify store design. We provide services related to Shopify from all aspects like Shopify store designing, custom design, all kinds of Shopify stores, and social media marketing of Shopify stores.

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