Best Shopify Apps For An E-Commerce Optical Store

Starting a business is an effortless task. You need some investment and start with your idea. The main task is to maintain your business and make it lucrative. To achieve this goal, you need to play smartly. You can easily run your business smoothly if you have special valuable tools. The tools provide us with ease and enhance our sales. 

We all know that apps are tools, in the case of Shopify, that help us run our E-Commerce business smoothly. If you are going to start an optical store on Shopify, this article is just for you. I will tell you about the seven best Shopify apps for an E-Commerce store to help you run your online shop smoothly. So keep reading the article till the end.

7 Best Shopify Apps For An Optical Store Are As Follows:

1. SmartViewer: Quick View

SmartViewer: Quick View is a fantastic Shopify app that displays the full detail of a product in the form of a pop-up on the product catalog page. By using this app, you can enable a feature that allows users to overview the entire product without leaving the homepage. 

In this way, the users of your store can easily buy stuff from your store without leaving the main page and wasting time searching. It will allow them to overview the product in one pop-up and buy it from it. In short, this app also makes purchases easy. So use this app to facilitate your users.

2. Smart Search & Filter

Many people around us are very busy and need more time for themselves or other activities. Those people who have hectic routines will love to go shopping at your store. Imagine if you add a time-saving feature in your store, then what will be the results? Smart Search & Filter app adds a time-saving feature to your Shopify optical store. 

This app filters the products according to users’ searches and shows them suggestions under the search engine bar. By using this feature, people save time that is wasted on manual searching for products. So this app also affects your sales. Use this app to facilitate your users and save their time.

3. Pre‑order Now ‑ PreOrder

Pre‑order Now ‑ PreOrder is a Shopify app that adds pre-order features to your Shopify store. Apart from its huge impact on users, it enhances your sales. By enabling this feature, you replace the out-of-stock message with a pre-order now button. The out-of-stock message disappointed the users, but when you replace it with a pre-order. 

Now it creates a sense of hope in your users, who can pre-order their desired product and wait for that. On the other hand, indirectly, this feature enhances your sales. You can arrange the out-of-stock product later and provide it to your users later. So use this app to facilitate your users and increase your sales.

4. Glasses & Accessories Try‑on

Why do people love to buy stuff from physical shops instead of online stores in this advanced world? Because they get matching and suitable stuff there. The reason for the return of the online stores’ products is that the product people choose does not suit them, and they return that. 

The Glasses & Accessories Try‑on app allows you to add a feature so that users can try the optical products of your online on their faces and check whether it is looking good on them. Your users can try the product on your store utilizing this app.

5. Tidio ‑ Live Chat & Chatbots

The live chat option on a website is the best factor that shows your seriousness towards your customers. To add this feature to your Shopify store, you can use Tidio ‑ Live Chat & Chatbots app. It boosts your customer retention experience by adding the live chat feature to your Shopify store. When your customers have questions, they do not worry about the source of communication. 

The live chat feature is beneficial and essential for online shops. They directly contact you by using the live chat feature. When they find the right answer to their question, they are happy with your brand and refer it to their friends and family. Next time whenever they would want to buy anything in the future, they will directly come to your store without any hesitation.

6. Super Watermarks ‑ Badges

Super Watermarks: Badges is a Shopify app that is available on the Shopify app store with 4.6 stars positive rating. You can add amazing badges like sales, hot selling products, 50% off, etc., on your products by using this app. Such kinds of badges encourage visitors to buy stuff from your store. It means this app also contains a sales-increasing feature.

7. Sold Count: Sold Stock Counter

Sold Count: Sold Stock Counter is a Shopify app that adds a sold counter feature to your Shopify store. This feature shows how many products are sold and how much is left behind in your store in the form of a counter. This counter encourages buyers to buy the products from your store. 

It shows a countdown in which it shows there is a significantly less amount of products left behind in stock. By looking at these stats, those buyers who like some product but are delaying the purchase try to buy the product ASAP. In this way, this app enhances your sales. So use this app to earn high revenue.

Final Words:

In this article, we have discussed seven essential Shopify apps for an E-Commerce optical store. With the effective use of these apps, you can easily run your online enterprise smoothly. If you need more time to shop for these tools individually and need a one-stop solution, try the ones described above.

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