A Guide toGoogle Shopping Management

Looking for a marketing campaign in your ecommerce business to stay ahead of the competition in the market? Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your online store by investing your resources in the right place?

Well, Google Shopping is the best option for you to start with. Google shopping is a game changer for increasing the traffic at your online store and leading towards sales conversions.

There are various platforms out there providing the services of Google Shopping Management. One of them is Shopify Digital. Shopify is an ecommerce, robust platform with millions of active stores helping online sellers and shoppers upgrade their sales by providing their Google Shopping management services. Whether you are struggling in ecommerce or just an online shopper, Our google shopping management services are waiting for you.

Our Google Shopping Management guide will help you know how our developers are providing their services in digital marketing. So let’s continue.

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Google Shopping Management

What Is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a Google service made to assist clients with exploring online products and services, reading data about the product, costs and highlights, and comparing costs between different retailers who are promoting their items, and afterwards interacting with the right retailer to make purchases. It is famous for its highly effective comparison shopping engine.

For instance, If somebody looks for an item you are promoting on Google, it will show the promotions for the items alongside your competitors”. If the client taps on your product advertisements, they will immediately reach your product and services page. Google Shopping is working in almost 40 countries of the world.

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Why use Google Shopping Management Services?

There are various benefits of using Google shopping services, as it helps in lead generation and drives traffic by targeting a potential audience that ultimately leads toward conversions. It is estimated that Google shopping management companies have thirty % higher conversions than text ads. Some of its benefits are ;

Targeting Advertising: Google Shopping permits shoppers and retailers to show their products on search engines guaranteeing that they are displayed to clients who are effectively hoping to make a buy. With proper optimization, service providers can target specific keywords and locations to expand the significance of their product display and increment the possibilities of sales conversions.

Improved product data management: Google Shopping management services help retailers proficiently dealing and organizing with their product’s data management. It incorporates the data of products according to Google guidelines, ensuring it looks precise and clear. This highly qualified data management improves the chances of product ranking.

 Competitive benefits: As Google Shopping is one of the leading advertising campaigns, retailers face competition from other sellers. By using Google Shopping management services, organizations can acquire an upper hand by improving their product display on Google search engines, focusing on the right crowd, and executing viable advertising campaigns.

Google Shopping

A Best Guide To google Shopping Management

So now you get an idea of the Google shopping campaigns, but how Shopify Digital provides help to merchants and retailers to manage Google shopping through its service provider is given below. This ultimate guide will let you know how you can get help from our service providers and do it yourself.

1. Set up a Google Merchant Center account:

 The first step is to make an account in the Google Merchant Center. It is where you will transfer and deal with your product information. It would be best if you had a Gmail for this account creation. Fill out all the necessary information like Business name, country, time zone, and location where you want to appear your ads, and also read the terms and privacy policy.

2. Create attractive product images:

After setting up your account, the next thing you need is product images which you have to put for Google shopping campaigns. Images should be so that they immediately attract the audience towards the product page. You can read Google recommendations for effective image creation.

3. Create product feed: 

At your merchant account, you have the option of feeding. Navigate into the product option in your account and then move on feed. After that, click on the + Icon. Now, set up your product information feed, which incorporates data about your products, like titles, descriptions, costs, pictures, and accessibility. Ensure your feed is organized accurately and fulfils all Google requirements. Pass this feed to the Google merchant centre account.

4. Link Google Adword account to Merchant account:

Now feed is added to your merchant account; connecting both accounts is time. It permits you to use your product information for Google Shopping campaign management. For this purpose, click on three vertical dots in the merchant account and tap on linking accounts to insert your ID. You can create a Google ad account if you still need to get one.

5. Create a Google Shopping campaign : 

In your Google Adword account, make another campaign explicitly for Google Shopping. In your Google ad account, tap on the new Campaign. Add your campaign goals like lead, promotion and sales; select the mission type as “Shopping”, and pick your mission settings, including the financial plan you focus on and the bid technique.

6. Structure your Campaign:

Arrange your products into different categories inside your Google Shopping campaign. You can categorize them given their features like pricing, colours, sizes, brand, or custom names. It assists you in optimizing.

7. Select Bidding strategy:

 Decide your budget for the Campaign. You have the option of manual  CPC and automated BiddingBidding. In manual BiddingBidding, you can select your own budget, and in Automated, Google helps you in selecting. Select the appropriate budget with delivery methods like standard and acceleration. Then proceed towards the location of placement and scheduling your Campaign.

8. Select Product groups for Campaign;

It is the final step in which you start selling your product at google shopping. Navigate to the Select Campaign setting, and then move on to set up ad groups from product shopping and showcase shopping options. After doing this, tap on Save and submit your Campaign. Finally, it’s time to sell on google shopping.

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How to optimize google shopping management services

Optimizing Google shopping management requires continuously updating your product feed and information in the Google Merchant Center. Your product titles and descriptions should be clear, precise, and optimized. Consistently update costs, accessibility, and other items ascribed to keep up with precision. Some of the tips through which Shopify Digital’sDigital’s service providers optimize Google shopping management are given; 

1. Have an obvious target for your shopping efforts

Understand what you need to accomplish with your shopping effort. There are various objectives like deals, traffic, leads, brand awareness, and reach. Pick the right objective for your business.

2. Optimize your Google shopping campaign bid

The second method for enhancing your Google shopping for a business is to streamline your budget to get the maximum CPCs for more conversions. It is low with the eventual result of restricting your productivity. Raise your CPC to get better optimization results. 

3. Pick the right campaign subtype

Smart shopping has the best for execution and reach. It consolidates the standard shopping show and remarketing campaigns to assist you with achieving additional positive results. This smark shopping will help you target the audience and optimize bids and products. If your smart shopping campaign does not produce desired results, you can utilize the standard shopping campaign for better performance. 

4. Make a successful Google Shopping campaign structure.

The campaign structure shows the number of ad campaigns you have, the products you are advertising for in each Campaign, the number of promotion groups you have, and so forth. Further developing the structure assists you with how to categorize your product for improved search results that are beneficial to your business. It will assist you with knowing how to coordinate your product subtleties to match your objectives.


google shopping management services


Give a huge treat to yourself as you have grabbed an understanding of the Google shopping guide for your business. Google shopping is one of the most distinctive ways to get your products to the right target audience. With Google shopping ads, people can view your product’s product’sproduct’s picture, read the description and cost and reach out to your online website for further details.

Google shopping will increase your sales, traffic and leads by up to thirty per cent instead of text ads. So get the most benefit from your business by applying Google shopping management techniques using this guide. You can also contact Shopify Digital google shopping management agency if you want to put your investment and potential in the right place.


To rank #1 on google shopping, you should follow the steps below;

  1. 1. optimize your product by creating compelling titles, tags, subtitles, descriptions and high-quality images of your product.
  2. 2. Out of two options for BiddingBidding, Manual CPC and Automated BiddingBidding, choose the one that makes you stand out.
  3. 3. Organize your products in food in different categories according to branding and custom name to improve accessibility.
  4. 4. Use better customization options to improve the visibility of your online store.

5. Optimize and regularly monitor the performance of your Google shopping campaign, also update the product pages, and be aware of all the new updates and trends in Google shopping management services.

You can easily manage your goog;e shopping campaign by simply utilizing the steps below;

  1. Set up a Google Merchant Center account.
  2. Create attractive product images, and create product feed.
  3. Link Google Adword account to Merchant account.
  4. Create a Google Shopping campaign, and structure your Campaign.
  5. Select a Bidding strategy
  6. select product groups for campaigns.

Google Shopping is an online platform provided by Google that permits organizations to exhibit their products to expected clients. It works by displaying products as a result of search engine ranking when the audience asks about a particular product from Google.

Traders transfer their product data to the Google Merchant Center, which incorporates data like titles, descriptions, costs, and pictures. Advertising service providers create Google shopping management campaigns in Google ads. When visitors search for a product, different products with pictures, descriptions, and titles appear. If they want more information, they can click on the website to land on Marchant’sMarchant’s website. That is how Google Shopping Management works.